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  • Simulation Software Architecture

  • Implementation Expertise

  • Monte Carlo / Markov Chain with Timeline Simulation

  • Optimization Strategies for High Performance

  • Results Navigation and Visualization

  • Distribution Fitting and Correlation Analysis

  • SCRUM and Agile Development

  • Data Management and Encryption Technologies


Baseline Statistics is a group of passionate and professional mathematics, programming and baseball fanatics who are committed to creating consulting advisory and software solutions that provide real insight for complicated questions about the variability of outcomes in baseball.  We have over 15 years of continuous simulation platform development.

Each baseball player has his own inate ability which statistically manifests itself in a series of events that are affected by the variability of the player and the stochasticity  of play.  At Baseline Statistics we envision software solutions that provide deep understanding of players individual variance and in aggregate, the team's natural ability and variance through the use of simulation.

COMMING SOON: Baseball Research Journal Submission
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